Administrative Staff

Teaching Staff

Keith Rangel


Keith attended Ripon High School in 1996. He returned to Ripon as a teacher in 2003. He served as Vice Principal for six years, this will be his sixth year as Principal. 

Victor Ramirez

Vice Principal

This is Mr. Ramirez's sixth year as Vice Principal. 

Alisha Vasche

Vice Principal 

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Shawna Valdez


Mrs. Valdez works in the front office as the Principal's secretary. S

Bowers, Dakota

Brown, Chris

Burton, Cameron

English / History

Calkins, Paul

Social Studies

Clevenger, Rachelle

Physical Education

Derrick, Sean

Dinsdale, Donna

Special Education

Felver, Geoffrey

Flanders, Peter

Francis, Eric

Giedd, Adam

Giest, Breanne

Special Education / English

Graham, Justin

Special Education/ Mathematics

Hyatt, Danielle

Johns, Sherry

Jones-Morino, C

Agriculture Science

Kirschman, Kevin

Lausier, Jennifer

Lefler, Jordan

Lozano, Lilianna

McPherson, Jill

Independent Study Instructor

ASB Leadership

Musseman, Chris

Owen, Chess

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Paris, Erin

Patterson, Ryan

Agriculture Science / Agriculture Fabrication

Perez, Fidel

Social Studies

Poole, Chad

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Medical Pathway

Randall, Robert

Ruhland, Michael

Saenz, Jose

Pettigrew-Taa, Kinsey

Tyler, Cameron


Van Vuren, Abigail

Velasco, Jorge

Physical Education

Wright, Rodney

Social Studies

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Support Staff

Bates, Carolyn


Bautista, Gabby

English Learner Aide

Dobbins, Mark

Campus Supervisor

Gonzalaez, Renae


Goudeau, Dawn

Govia, Randy


Green, Gigi

ASB Accountant

Hessler, Jeff


Johnson, Loren

Day Custodian

Lasey, Shelli


Laymon, Alex


McGinnis, Officer Trevor

Morenzone, Mike

Silva, Lily

Counseling Secretary/Registrar

Stum, Eva

English Learner Liaison

Reyes Nungaray, Marybel

Ulrich, Marti

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