Mission Statement

The MISSION of the Ripon High School Community is to promote the success of every student.


About the School

Ripon High School serves the rural community of Ripon, a town of over 13,000 located in California's culturally diverse and agriculturally rich Central Valley. Ripon is the only high school in the Ripon Unified School District and is fed by five K-8 schools. Moderate growth in the area is expected to impact the school, increasing enrollment and diversity. Since the 2000-2001 school year, District enrollment has increased over 5% with the enrollment of Ripon High increasing over 6% in that same time period. The current enrollment of 928 represents increasingly diverse ethnic and socio-economic groups with a wide range of language skills and academic abilities. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of the student population is Caucasian, with the remaining students primarily Hispanic (30%; 5% other). RHS has produced quality academic results with students for many years. Our A.P.I. scores have been among the top scores in San Joaquin County for over ten years.
Recent facilities improvements have created better learning opportunities for students. Science labs, Agriculture classrooms and facilities, and the main gym and locker rooms have been completely modernized. A weight training facility was added to the new gym complex. Classrooms and offices in the B building and the library were completed in recent years. The music building and the secondary gym were remodeled and upgraded as well.

The MISSION of the Ripon High School Community is to promote the success of every student.

To accomplish this, Ripon High School expects that:

all students will be proficient at grade level standards;

all students will be good citizens who work together with pride and respect;

all instruction will be to the standards;

assessment of student progress will be on-going, with instructional modifications based on current data and research-based practice;

our staff and community will work together effectively for student success.

Our Vision:

Ripon High School is a safe, supportive school that focuses on strong academics. Respect, accountability, and integrity are the core elements in encouraging and preparing our students for productive lives. We have high expectations and provide a wide range of activities that our students enjoy. Our students communicate effectively making full use of technological resources and strive to achieve their highest potential.