Shadow Program

Thank you for your interest in the Shadowing Program. We look forward to giving you a glimpse of a day in the life of a Ripon High School student. Enjoy the vibrant campus, rich in activities and opportunities to grow. Get a feel for the springboard to such universities as Cal Berkeley, UCLA, Santa Clara, USC, Pepperdine, West Point and others. Ripon High School offers a rigorous academic program geared towards the completion of the UC/CSU A--G Requirements and a solid preparation for the next level of scholarship and disciplinary study.


This Shadow Program is designed for students, including transfer students, who are interested in attending Ripon High School. Ripon High Pathfinders come from the various programs that are offered at RHS and look forward to sharing our campus with you.

We are confident that our comprehensive high school experience, comprised of clubs, competitive athletic teams, leadership organizations, spirit rallies, field trips, and Career and Technical programs, offers all students a unique opportunity to express their individuality, creativity, and spirit.


This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people; we are sure that you will find Ripon High School students to be friendly, welcoming and fun. We have an 8th grade visit day scheduled for all Ripon 8th grade students on March 6th. This is a chance to learn about all programs, classes,clubs and activities! 


What is a Shadow Day?

A shadow day is an opportunity students to experience what it is like to be an Indian. They will attend morning classes with a Ripon High Pathfinder and return to the Counseling Office at the beginning of lunch.  Students are welcome to visit Ripon High at any time with a prearranged date and time. See 'How can I schedule a shadow day' below.

During a shadow day a student might be able to participate in a number of activities. These activities include:

•    attend classes

•    an all-school assembly

•    participate in classroom discussions

•    participate in a lab or other class activity 

•    make new friends


Who can my student Shadow?
Your student will be paired with a Ripon High Pathfinder who has similar interests.  A Pathfinder is an upper classmen who is enrolled in classes and programs in which you have expressed interest. Students will attend classes and activities with the Pathfinder as if they were a Ripon High student.  The Pathfinder will show them and help guide them to the great things that Ripon High School has to offer.


What time should my student arrive at Ripon High, and where should they go?
Shadows report to the Counseling Office at 7:45 a.m. Ripon High Pathfinders will pick up their shadows by 7:50 a.m.  Parents are encouraged to come and meet with a Ripon High School Counselor to discuss four-year plans and post-secondary options.  Counselors can also answer any questions parents might have regarding the programs that are offered at Ripon High School.  Pathfinders will return their shadows to the Counseling Office at 11:33, the beginning of lunch. 


When can my student Shadow?
Shadow days are scheduled throughout the school year on an individual basis as requested.   


How can I schedule a Shadow Day?

You can schedule a shadow day by calling the school at 599-4287 or email Mr. Rangel at 


If you have any further questions please call Mrs. Valdez at 209-599-4287 or