ATTENDANCE: Perfect attendance at school should is the expectation of every student.  State law requires children between the ages of 6 and 18 years (except those exempted by law) to attend school FULL TIME.  Night school may not be substituted for regular schooling.  Students who are 18 years old are still required to follow school rules, including those required while in attendance at school.  All attendance issues including self-checkout are subject to review and verification by staff.  All absences, partial and full day, excused or unexcused, in excess of 12 days in the school year may require a doctor’s note.  Continual attendance problems may result in disciplinary action, disenrollment (transfer to an alternative program), or referral to the District Attorney. 


Unexcused Verified Absences include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Car Trouble  

  • Missed Bus

  • Needed at home

  • Out of town

  • Vacation/Trips

  • Work

  • Personal Appointments (hair, nails, DMV)


ABSENCE PROCEDURES: If you are absent from school, your parent or guardian must verify the reason and the dates of absence within 72 hours.  If not cleared within 72 hours, the absence will become unexcused.  All full day unexcused absences, including cuts, truancies, etc. may be made up by attending Saturday School.  All unexcused absences must be made up within three weeks of the unexcused absence.

    Verification of excused absences may be in the form of a note or phone call to the attendance office. Parents may call anytime, 24-hours a day, to the Attendance Office at 599-4289.  Your absence will be considered a cut, until the attendance office receives verification.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that your parent or guardian provides verification for any absence to the attendance office. 

     Notification of all absences will be made to the home by the use of an automated phone machine.  You will be contacted the evening of an absence and informed that one or more periods were missed.

Absences considered Excused by School Board Policy: 

  • Illness of student

  • Appearance in court

  • Attendance at an employment conference

  • Jury Duty

  • Necessary visits to the doctor, dentist, counseling, etc.

  • Death in the immediate family

  • Observation of a Religious Ceremony or holiday

  • Attendance at a religious retreat for no more than four hours per semester

  • College Visits. Students may use two school days for college visits. These days must be approved prior and upon return, the student will must have their College Visit form completed upon arrival. See the attendance office for questions.

Prior approval needed for legal matters/court appearances, and military testing.


Additionally:  To further assist our schools with meeting their attendance goals, we are eliminating the practice of granting pre-approved unexcused absences.  Students will only be excused from an absence if it falls under the state category for excused absences.  All other absences will be marked as unexcused. 


We understand that some absences are unavoidable and therefore have developed a Short-term Independent Study program for all students who will be out 5 or more consecutive school days.  In order to access this program, please contact your school administrator for more information or to complete the Independent Study Contract.  This contract must be completed prior to the absence.  


The following situations are considered to be CUTS:

  • Any absence not cleared in a manner consistent with the absence procedures.

  • Leaving class or school during the school day without permission of school administration.


If you cut school or class, you are subject to disciplinary action by your teachers of the school administration.  Depending on the circumstances, this disciplinary action will vary.

Students are not permitted to leave school during school hours without permission from a Counselor or Administrator. Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action. To get permission, report to the office.  Permission may be given after your parent has been contacted by phone, or if you are in possession of a valid note.

     If you know you are going to leave school on a particular day or time, have your parent/guardian contact the attendance office in advance.  The attendance number is 599-4289.  You must leave a message on the recorder, leaving a student name, time of departure, and date.

Off Campus Lunch Privilege

Ripon High School is a closed campus during the school day.  During lunch students are given the privilege of walking off campus for lunch NOT driving or being driven.  Students caught driving/being driven off campus during lunch will receive the follow consequence: 1st offense = 1 hour detention and parent contact from the Vice Principal and lunch time contract to be signed by student and parent. 2nd offense = 1 day suspension from school. 3rd offense will be 3-5 day suspension from school.

    Also, Capps Way is off limits all day as it is a private drive.  Infractions of the rules may result in the revocation of the privilege for a specific period of time, permanent loss of the privilege, assignment of detention, and suspension from school. 


Passes from Class

You are not to be out of class at any time without a pass.  All teachers have a classroom pass on a lanyard. If you are out of class without a pass, you will be given the following consequences:

  • First Time – 1 hour detention

  • Second Time – 2 hour detention

  • Third Time – 1 day suspension


Tardy Procedures and Consequences

  • A student is tardy when they are not in the classroom when the tardy bell stops ringing.

             (See teacher syllabus for specific policies)

  • A student at RHS will have a total of six tardies within the semester (TOTAL), not six tardies per class period.

  • If you are late to school at any time throughout the day, always report to the attendance office to sign in.


Depending on the schedule for each day, we may use any of the following bell schedules.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday



1st Period                 7:50 – 8:40

2nd Period                8:44 – 9:34

Break                       9:34 – 9:45

3rd Period               9:45 – 10:39

4th Period             10:43 – 11:33

Lunch                  11:33 – 12:15

5th Period               12:15 – 1:05

6th Period                 1:09 – 1:59

Break                       1:59 – 2:10

7th Period                 2:10 – 3:00


Collaboration           7:45 – 8:54

1st Period                 8:57 – 9:35

2nd Period              9:39 – 10:17

Break                   10:17 – 10:26

3rd Period             10:26 – 11:04

Advisory             11:08 – 11:29

Lunch                  11:29 – 12:06

4th Period             12:10 – 12:48

5th Period               12:52 – 1:30

Break                      1:30 – 1:40

6th Period                 1:40 – 2:18

7th Period                 2:22 – 3:00


Minimum Day Schedule - TBA



  • 1st bell rings at 7:45am.  Tardy bell rings at 7:50am.

  • At the end of each period, a passing bell rings.  Students have four minutes to report to their next class.

  • Ordinarily, on assembly and rally days, schedule information is announced through the bulletin. 

  • Every student detained by a teacher, counselor, administrator or other school employee must have a written pass to be admitted back into class.

  • This is a school-wide policy.  Tardy counts reset at each semester.

    • First Tardy-Warning

    • Second Tardy-Warning

    • Third Tardy-Warning

    • Fourth Tardy-30 min detention

    • Fifth Tardy-30 min detention

    • Sixth Tardy-60 min detention

    • Seventh Tardy-Referral to Vice Principal

             for Saturday School and/ or suspension