Description of the Naviance Program

Ripon High School offers a Family Connection through Naviance,  a web-based service designed especially for students and parents/guardians. Family Connection is a comprehensive website that you and your child can use to help in making decisions about courses, colleges and careers. Family Connection is linked with Naviance Succeed, a service that we use in our office to track and analyze data about college and career plans, so it provides up-to-date information that is specific to our school.

How is Naviance used?

Career Planning • Learning Style Inventory, Interest Inventory, Personality Inventory, Resume Building

College Planning • College Search, Application Process, College Major Exploration, Scholarship/Financial Aid Resources, On-Site College Visits •

Success Planning • Personalized Goals and Tasks, Journal Entries, Student Planner

How do I use Naviance?

School Counselors introduce all 9th graders to Naviance, 10th graderes to Naviance Interest Profiler, 11th graders to Naviance College Super Search and Resumes, and 12th Graders to application process and admission status through Naviance.  The School Counselors encourage students to use Naviance more than classroom presentations.  If students or parents would like to access Naviance from home, the steps are listed below:  

1.  Click on Naviance to get to Ripon High School's Sign-In page. (There is also a Naviance link at the bottom of each page of our website that you can Click on without coming back to the Naviance page)

2.   Students username is their student ID number

3.   Student "password" is naviance until they log in and reset the password

4. Once you are logged in you can go to "manage settings" in the top right corner the page.  

5.  Create a new password that you will remember.  Mrs. Goudeau can reset your password if you forget in the future.

6.  Select "Select Manage My Profile" so you can entire in your personal email and other information that needs to be updated.  Your email address can be used for the school counselors to email you information.  The email will also be a way for you to retrieve a forgotten password.

7.  Now you may start exploring through the "Colleges", Careers, "About Me", and "My Planner" tabs.  All information you research and keep will be unique to you and will be available when you enter Naviance in the future.