Dress Code

Ripon High School’s Athletic Code of Ethics


While engaged in athletic competition, Ripon High School’s athletes win with grace and lose with dignity.  We act responsible and realize that we are ambassadors of our sport and school.  We adhere to the highest standards of fair play and promote sportsmanship by respecting the rules and goals of the sport.  Above all we will conduct ourselves with the highest level of pride and honor. 


Responsibilities Of Student Athletic Spectators


Members of the respective student bodies should support their teams by:

  • Remaining in their rooting sections during the game.  No spectators are allowed on the playing field or court before the game, during, at halftime, or after the game.

  • Cooperating with the cheer and spirit leaders of both schools.

  • Treating opponents, game officials, visiting students and spectators as guests.

  • Accepting graciously the decision of officials, and supervising staffs’ directives.

  • Demonstrating sportsmanship at all times by displaying self-control before, during, and after all contests. 


Additional information regarding sports participating may be obtained from the Athletic Director, Mr. Johnson, or any RHS coach.


RHS Supports Pursing Victory with Honor!




RHS is a Renaissance School!


  • Renaissance recognizes students who are achieving academic excellence with tangible incentives, rewards, and recognition.

  • Grades are checked quarterly to determine eligibility.

  • Students who wish to receive Renaissance benefits and recognition must apply each quarter in the library by the appropriate deadlines.

  • Renaissance brings the school, students, parents, and community together in a cooperative effort to motivate students to reach for their best.

  • Based on the various rewards offered within Renaissance, students must speak to the teacher if they would like to use a pass.  Students may NOT use their pass in an emergency situation, for example, turning in a pass the day an assignment is due because they forgot or did not complete homework.

  • Finals Passes – students must have an A in the course leading up to the final and speak to the teacher one week prior to the final to ask if they can use the pass on the final.


For further information about the Renaissance program, or to inquire about becoming a business partner or parent volunteer, please call Jill Mortensen, Activities Director atjmortensen@sjcoe.net


Dress Code


Notification to Parents and Students


The administration has an obligation to take action to control any conditions pertaining to grooming or dress when safety, health, or the educational process may in any way be hampered.  It is expected that ALL pupils will come to school neat, clean, and with consideration for proper hygiene. Any student found to be in violation of the Dress Code shall be required to make a change in their grooming and/or dress in order to come into compliance.


Ripon High School reserves the right to amend the Dress Code if any clothing, apparel, symbol or combination thereof has been identified as gang related apparel by any law enforcement agencyOR when safety, health, or the education process is being violated.


Part of career planning is to learn to dress appropriately for the job, or for certain occasions that requires a particular type of dress. Despite changing fashions, certain guidelines and limitations must be set for the best interest of students and the educational process. Extreme fashions or appearance, which are considered inappropriate or distracting to the educational process, will not be allowed.


I. Ripon High School Dress Code Guidelines All Students


ACCEPTABLE CLOTHING- All shirts, blouses, skirts and pants; properly secured with appropriate fasteners; dresses and skirts will not be so long as to be stepped on or subject to catching on school furniture, equipment, etc.; dress, skirts, and shorts will be mid-thigh in length or longer (athletic shorts acceptable). (District Policy is five inch inseam). Excessively baggy or oversized clothing is not allowed.  Clothing or accessories with metallic spikes or chains may not be worn on campus.


ACCEPTABLE HAIR- Hair will be clean and fashioned appropriately for school. Hair will not be excessively color or radically cut so as to draw excessive attention or serve as a classroom distraction.


IN GOOD TASTE- Clothing or jewelry may not be decorated with artwork, stitchery, patches or emblems that draw attention to body parts or promote personal views on defiant or violent behavior, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons, sex, or a gang affiliation.


BARE MIDRIFF- During normal school activities, no skin shall show in the front or the back between the top garment and the lower garment.


CLEAN- All clothing will be clean and free from odor caused by the body or what one has put on the body or clothes. No excessive amounts of dirt, paint, manure, food, oil, and other compounds, and substances will be allowed.


SPANDEX/LEGGINGS/YOGA PANTS- Spandex type shorts/pants are not allowed or must be covered by an over garment or shorts which are mid thigh or longer; leggings and shorts which follow the full contour of the body or which identify body parts, crevices, underwear lines, etc. must have a sweater, shirt or top not shorter than mid thigh.  Trim is acceptable providing it is not part of the overall required garment length. 


UNDERGARMENTS- No threadbare or lack of undergarments which expose or reveal the anatomy; undergarments, sleepwear and indoor slippers shall not be worn as an outer garment at any time.  Garments made of thin material, lace or woven in such a style that the skin pigmentation of the torso or upper leg may be seen is prohibited.  No undergarments shall be exposed.


EXPOSURE- Fitted clothes that draw attention to cleavage or the genital area are deemed lewd, as are pants or skirts that are slit, cut, disfigured, streaked, faded or worn; sleeveless clothing will have a minimum one-inch shoulder strap and arm holes of a size that the chest and back area may not been seen.  No halter tops may be worn.  Clothes must be in good repair and modest without holes or slits of excessive length or width in any part of the garment. 


COSMETICS- The use of cosmetics and perfumes is not encouraged or recommended.  However, when they are worn, they should not be used to draw excessive attention or serve as a source of distraction.  Makeup that radically alters one’s appearance or greatly obscures natural skin pigmentation will not be permitted. 


Range of Consequences for Dress Code Violations:


First offense: Warning and correction of violation, parent notification.


Second offense: Detention, referral to Vice Principal, 1-3 day suspension, parent conference, behavior agreement.


Third offense: Referral to Vice Principal, 1-5 day suspension, possible recommendation to alternative program. 


Fourth offense: Referral to Vice Principal, 3-5 day suspension, behavior agreement.


All Gang Activity Results in a Minimum 1-5 day Suspension


May Result in Expulsion Upon First Offense:

  • Gang related initiation, hazing, or intimidation

  • Admission of gang membership

  • Involvement in criminal gang incident (even if incident takes place off school grounds)

  • Writing about gang affiliation or activity

  • Official documents (police, probation, court, school records, etc.) indicate gang membership.

  • Judicial finding of gang membership

  • Student’s victims are members of a rival gang


May Result in Expulsion Upon Repeated or Multiple Offenses:

  • Has gang tattoos, whether temporary or permanent

  • Writes or is in possession of written gang graffiti

  • Uses a gang-related name, moniker, or nickname

  • Wears gang-related colors or clothing imprinted with gang names or symbols

  • Uses gang signs or other non-verbal expressions of gang affiliation

  • Student’s name appears on a gang document, hit list, or gang-related graffiti

  • Identified as a gang member by a reliable informant

  • Identified as a gang member by another gang

  • Identified as a gang member by a public source (newspaper story, etc.)


The Board of Trustees has directed the administration of Ripon High School to provide students with a safe, secure learning environment that is free from harassment, intimidation, or fear of confrontation. Therefore, if you engage in gang activity at RHS you will lose your opportunity to be a student here and will be referred for expulsion.


Dress Code Restrictions


Articles of clothing, manner of grooming, or accessories of any kind denoting gang affiliation are not allowed. Final determination of which items denote gang affiliation is done by the Administration. The following guidelines are provided to assist students to choose appropriate attire white attending Ripon High School.


  1. Attire and accessories advocating, advertising, or denoting gang affiliation or activity are not permitted. Such attire includes, but is not limited to, belts, belt buckles, bandanas, shoelaces, wallets, purses, backpacks, notebooks, jewelry, badges, emblems, symbols, tattoos, signs, or any item determined by administration to be gang affiliated.

  2. Clothing that depicts any advertising or glorification of gangs, guns, violence, drugs, put-downs or any anti-group slogans are not permitted.

  3. No solid red, solid blue, or solid brown (without logo or designs) shall be allowed. Logos or designs added need to be visible in the torso area of the shirt.  No jackets, sweatshirts, shoelaces, hairpieces and/or belts shall be allowed if they are gang related in anyway. Red shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and jackets that are official Ripon High attire are allowed.

  4. Pro teams can be worn unless determined to be gang related by administration or Ripon Police.

  5. No engraved, stamped or lifted initials or numbers shall be permitted on any belts (with the exception of RHS approved or affiliated belts).

  6. No long hanging belts are allowed. Belts must be the appropriate size and must be tucked into belt loops.

  7. Apparel promoting any specific race, culture or ethnicity over others is not allowed.


Gang-related incidents, photos, drawings, graffiti, clothing, accessories, and paraphernalia will be reported to the Ripon Police Department.