Counseling Services

Throughout the school year, there will be times when you will need assistance and information in dealing with some of your classes, concerns, or problems. The counseling staff exists for those primary reasons. To see your counselor, SIGN UP ON THE CLIPBOARD IN THE COUNSELING OFFICE.


*Your counselor is able to provide you with advice and information regarding:

  • Higher education and other future plans.

  • College and University requirements.

  • Grants, scholarships, student loans, etc.

  • Your high school course of study.

  • Vocational interest, aptitude and other testing, such as PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.

  • Program changes, changes of your classes (see below).

  • Graduation requirements

  • Service Academics (West Point, The Air Force or Naval Academics). Any planning or applications must be made by the junior year.

  • Whatever else you need to know to assist in your educational career.


Schedule Changes


All changes to a student’s schedule are handled in the Counseling Office. Counselors are available before school, at break, at lunch, and after school to assist you. A counselor will help you to change classes if you are placed at the wrong ability level or if you are repeating a class you have already passed. A counselor will not help you switch from one teacher to another teacher for the same class. Choose your classes wisely. Changes to schedules that require immediate attention take priority. These include

  1. Scheduling error

  2. Incomplete schedule


Course Catalog


The course description catalog, which lists and describes those classes or programs of study at Ripon High School, is available in the Counseling Office.


Report Cards

Report cards will be mailed home to parents eight times during a school year. Only the semester grades are part of official school records and are entered on student transcripts. 1st and 3rd Quarter grades are mailed home in October and March. Additionally, Progress Reports are mailed home in September, November, February and April.


Recognition of Scholastic Achievement and Academic Excellence


Students who show scholastic achievement and excellence may also be eligible to become members, upon application, to the following school organizations:


  1. C.S.F. (California Scholastic Federation) 

  2. Academic Block Awards

  3. Renaissance


Make Up Work and Planned Absences


If you are going to be absent for 3 days or more with prior approval such as medical or safety reasons, you should request homework from your teacher. You will have homework on a regular basis and your scholastic success depends on its completion. The time required to complete your work will vary according to the grade level and difficulty of the class. Plan to spend a specific amount of time each day for home study. Contact your teachers whenever possible.  For every day of excused,

you get 1 day to make up the work assigned the day of your absence. If absent the day a project is due, you must make arrangements with your teacher in advance!


Equal Access To Vocational Education


It is the policy of Ripon High School to provide to all students (physically challenged, disadvantaged, ESL, accelerated and others) equal access to vocational education in the areas of recruitment, enrollment, and placement activities.