Advanced Placement (AP)/

Honors Course Information

Ripon High School offers the following AP/Honors Courses:

AP Biology/ (H) Biology - Ms. Van Vuren

AP Calculus AB/ International Math I (H) - Mr. Vigil

International Math II (H) - Ms. Gillihan

AP Statistics - Mr. Tyler

International Math III (H) - Mr. Flanders

English I (H) - Ms. Ochoa

English II (H) - Mr. Musseman

AP English Language - Ms. Vasche

AP English Literature - Ms. Burton

AP Spanish Language/AP Spanish Literature - Ms. McPherson

AP US Government/AP US History - Mr. Francis

AP World History - Mr. Perez

AP Environmental Science - Mr. Ruhland

AP Human Geography - Mr. Mayfield

AP Computer Science A - Mr. Derrick

AP Music Theory (2021-2022) - Mr. Felver

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